Document Security, Simplified.


Secure Document Sharing

OnPlist makes it easy for team-members in different professions or organizations to work together and securely share project information with WindTalker Document Security. Your privacy and information have never been more secure.

Secure Document Sharing

WindTalker is a data security tool that allows you to securely share your documents that contain the most sensitive of information. Today’s real estate market requires the use of web based tools to collaborate with brokers, agents and clients. Without any protection, the threat of unwanted access to information is very real. You can be assured that your data is protected from unauthorized access anytime or anywhere.

How It Works:

    • WindTalker allows users to separately protect individual elements of information (characters, words, form fields, entire paragraphs, an entire page, or the entire document).
    • Each element you protect has a unique military-grade security key to deter the hackers or unwanted viewers from even trying to see your data.
    • WindTalker is a simple Microsoft Word plug-in that you download and install. Tutorial videos are available to get you up and running fast.
    • To protect information, the user highlights the information they desire to be protected, selects the desired protection key, and selects apply protection. That’s it!
    • Once your information is protected with WindTalker, it remains protected no matter where the document is sent or who is viewing it.
    • Agents, brokers, and clients must be enrolled and given permission to view or edit your information. These are called “role keys”.
    • You, and only you, decide who shares the role keys.
    • It can be one person or many for a role key. And a key can be assigned to an individual project. It’s your choice.
    • Again, our videos will show you what to do.
    • Your documents are now more secure than ever. And, you are ready to share!
    • WindTalker manages and protects your key information for you, by you.
    • Who, when, and how the data is used is centrally managed by the owner of the document by configuring the role keys.
    • WindTalker provides a management portal so users can create and share role keys with the controls you want.
    • We configure most of it for you with default settings but we allow you to edit the settings to best fit your needs.
    • Once configured, you authorize users. WindTalker notifies them.
    • The agent, broker, or client you have decided to share documents does have to enroll and authenticate with WindTalker to access the permissioned role keys.
    • We make sure the right people are accessing your data.